Our Early Stage Researchers

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ESR01 Jake Johnson
ESR 01

Optimized production of 225Ac by the ISOL method for medical applications

ESR02  Bianca Reich
ESR 02

Development of high-resolution in-source hot-cavity RILIS methods for actinides.

ESR03 Mia Au
ESR 03

Target developments for extraction of actinides from thick ISOL targets followed by laser-induced molecular break-up and/or ionization.

ESR04 Andrew Raggio
ESR 04

High-resolution laser spectroscopy of actinide elements for nuclear structure

ESR05 Magdalena Kaja
ESR 05

Laser spectroscopic investigations on the actinide atomic and nuclear structures

ESR06 Miranda Nichols
ESR 06

Electron affinity measurements by collinear laser photodetachment spectroscopy on negative ions

ESR07 Vaila Leask
ESR 07

In-gas-jet resonance ionization spectroscopy of actinides

ESR08 Anjali Ajayakumar
ESR 08

In-gas-jet laser spectroscopy optimization for high resolution measurement of actinides

ESR09 Julius Wessolek
ESR 09

Development of low-noise, high-power, tuneable, pulsed, narrow-linewidth Ti:Sa amplifier for ion beam spectroscopy applications

ESR10 Jessica Warbinek
ESR 10

Laser spectroscopy of the heaviest actinides, in particular Lr to study atomic and nuclear properties

ESR11 Lauren Reed
ESR 11

Tailor-made optimized actinide target preparation and characterization for LISA

ESR12 Darcy van Eerten
ESR 12

Multi-element ultra-trace detection of radionuclides in environmental samples

ESR 13

Developing atomic structure calculations for heavy and superheavy atoms and ions

ESR14 Raphaël Crosa-Rossa
ESR 14

Relativistic coupled cluster (CC) and configuration interaction (CI) investigations of properties of heavy and superheavy elements

ESR15 Mitzi Urquiza
ESR 15

C-Wave laser development as a turn-key solid-state alternative to CW dye laser.