The 39th edition of the Joliot Curie International School, entitled “The interplay between atomic electrons and the nucleus: traps, lasers and spectroscopy”, will cover the latest scientific achievements in physics across the blurred line separating the nucleus from the rest of the atom.

Although the energies of atomic



All topics that are within the scope of the workshop shall be discussed:

  • Heavy element studies performed at recoil separators on
    • Nuclear reactions
    • Nuclear structure
    • Atomic structure
    • Chemical properties
  • Technical aspects of recoil separators including
    • Targets
    • Separation techniques (in-flight and post-separation)
    • Detection
    • Data acquisition and processing
  • Experimental contributions are

Nuclear chemical techniques and laser resonance Ionization laboratory training includes an introduction to basic nuclear chemical techniques relevant for laboratory research with actinides as well as complimentary soft skills. 

Participation is compulsory to LISA ESRs. Three additional places for affiliates are available for laboratory work; lectures are open to all. 

This event


The actinide series exhibits a remarkable transition in terms of applied and fundamental research, as it hosts the heaviest naturally occurring elements and fades into fully man-made elements. Concerning basic atomic information, the actinide series is at the edge of current knowledge and still lacks some fundamental information. In this


The 50èmes Journées des Actinides (JdA-2021) will be held on-line from 22 to 25 March 2021, organized by the “Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes” (ISCR,

The Journées des Actinides is an international conference series providing an informal annual forum for the discussion of current research on the


LISA General Training I is compulsory to the LISA ESRs and few places are also opened to external young researchers (master, PhD, young post-doc). Cost for affiliated external students for IREPA laser safety training is 250 EUR/person payable directly to IREPA laser. You will find attached a form to fill out


LISA Training Kick-off is compulsory to the LISA ESRs and few places are also opened to external young researchers (master, PhD, young post-doc). Participants are introduced to all the topics of the network and team building activities are used to generate a sense of community.

This event also counts towards


The Lise Meitner Prize 2020 honours three scientists representing different experimental techniques and three generations of researchers who have made outstanding contributions to the field on nuclear physics, both scientifically, technologically and in terms of science administration. We are delighted to share that Piet Van Duppen (KU Leuven), supervisor to


The website is online, most pages and sections are already available

Kick off meeting held at CERN.