The LISA (Laser Ionisation and Spectroscopy of Actinides) consortium aims to train a new generation of experts in radioactive  ion  beam  research  and  applications,  laser  spectroscopy,  scientific laser  technologies and atomic theorists whilst they work towards the goal of vastly improving our understanding of the atomic and nuclear properties of the chemical elements known as the actinides (atomic number Z ≥ 89). 

Whilst this  research  is  an  essential  prerequisite  for  unravelling  the  structure  of  the  superheavy  elements  at  the  end  of Mendeleev’s table, the value of this activity extends far beyond the fields of fundamental atomic and nuclear physics. 

In-depth knowledge of the nuclear properties of an isotope and the atomic properties of the element, is a precursor for  understanding  their  practical  applications  and  also  crucial  to  their  identification  and  handling. Immediate valorization of these findings will be sought out in the fields of radioecology and nuclear medicine.

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