LISA ITN Research

The LISA network comprises a substantial part of the European expertise in the field of radioactive ion beam research, laser spectroscopy and fundamental atomic and nuclear physics research.

The partners are at the forefront of the study of the actinide elements and have a well-proven expertise in finding solutions to the technological challenges related to laser-spectroscopic methods for studying rare isotopes.

The consortium is therefore ideally equipped for the task of developing advanced methods and technologies whilst being able to guarantee comprehensive and high-quality training of early stage researchers who will become experts not only in their main research field, but also become highly experienced in a variety of related techniques. Furthermore, the LISA network provides the trainees a unique opportunity to work in a mixed environment of cutting-edge industries, world-leading universities, and large-scale research facilities.


Research Objectives

LISA has the following research objectives:

  • Develop laser-based actinide ion beam production and purification techniques (ion source technology, laser technology, atomic spectroscopy, laser excitation schemes) - RO1
  • Develop laser technology for optimal spectral resolution, range and ease of use - RO2 
  • Measurement of ionization potentials and electron affinities - RO3
  • Prediction, study and validation of atomic energy level structures - RO4
  • Extraction of nuclear properties from laser spectroscopy studies (with input from atomic theorists) - RO5
  • Making use of the R&D progress to the benefit of society through the direct use of the actinide isotopes themselves (theranostic applications), or the application of techniques for their detection (environmental monitoring) - RO6