JdA and SPCA, 22-25 March 2021

The 50èmes Journées des Actinides (JdA-2021) will be held on-line from 22 to 25 March 2021, organized by the “Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes” (ISCR, https://iscr.univ-rennes1.fr).

The Journées des Actinides is an international conference series providing an informal annual forum for the discussion of current research on the physical and chemical properties of actinide elements, their alloys and compounds. Following the editions held in Erice (Italy, 2019), Praia de Porto Novo (Portugal, 2018), Karpacz (Poland, 2017), and Alpe d’Huez (France, 2016), JdA-2021 will cover the following topics:

  • inorganic and organometallic chemistry
  • materials and nanomaterials
  • strongly correlated systems, superconductivity, and quantum criticality
  • theory and band structure
  • actinide production and handling
  • safety of the nuclear fuel cycle
  • nuclear safeguards and security
  • radiation protection
  • environment contamination, remediation, and decommissioning

JdA-2021 encourages open discussions on different topics, from fundamental to applied research, in a mixture of oral presentations and poster sessions. Scientists, engineers, and students from universities, national laboratories, and the nuclear industry are invited to participate and make technical contributions.

Following the philosophy of this conference, recent and/or unpublished results will be presented. Oral presentations by PhD students and young researchers will be favoured.


The 13th SPCA will be organized FULLY ON-LINE as a tutorial to the JdA-2021 conference. The school is a unique opportunity for students, young researchers and other engineers to gain knowledge from expert master-classes in various areas of different actinide science aspects.

We feel confident that you will enjoy these very special 13th SPCA and 50èmes JdA-2021 events and that the modern videoconference tools will enable fruitful discussions.

On behalf of the Local Organising Committee

Mathieu Pasturel (Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes), Chairman